Sextoys – What You Should Know Before Buying

Sex toys are popular among couples who are in a long-term relationship. These devices can be used by both partners to try out new sexual experiences. Whether you want to try something new or simply satisfy your partner, there are a number of different sex toys available for you to purchase. Here are a few of my favorites! Keep reading to learn more about them and their uses. And if you’re in the market for some new sex accessories, check out this article for some helpful advice.


You should avoid sex toys that contain phthalates, but don’t be fooled by these words. Many toys are made from questionable materials. Most toys are manufactured in China, a country with little oversight and no quality control. The cheap materials are meant for shipping to us, so you’ll save a few pennies on each piece. But don’t go crazy and buy everything you can get your hands on – you don’t want to end up with an allergic reaction to a sex toy!

To avoid purchasing sex toys that are contaminated with phthalates, shop around for the safest products. Many brands and stores offer free samples to test. You can also check out their product information on the websites of reputable brands. Make sure to purchase only from reputable companies with detailed product descriptions. Some sex toys are aimed at women or the LGBTQ community. You can find feminist and queer-friendly sextoys from these sites.

Beware of sextoys made in China. 80% of all toys are made in China. There is little oversight, and no quality control. This means that they are cheap to make and are meant for shipping to us, saving the company a penny per piece. There’s no way to know what you’re buying unless you buy it from a reputable store. A good place to start is the Dangerous Lilly website, which has reviews and ratings on sex toys.

When shopping for sextoys, you should make sure they are made with quality materials. While phthalates are one of the most common, they’re not the only type of material in sex toys. In addition to phthalates, other harmful substances have been found in some sex toys. Latex is another common material, which can cause allergic reactions and is a known carcinogen.

While phthalates aren’t the only harmful chemical in sextoys, they’re not the only ones. They can also be made with latex, which can cause serious health risks. The best way to protect yourself from these products is to buy them from a reputable source. In fact, the safer a toy is, the better. So, look for a trustworthy source. Don’t buy a toy that has a history of causing problems for consumers.